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Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

If you're looking for information on Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Training...Welcome!!! You've come to the right place. The MCP credential provides a helpful stepping-stone on the way to Microsoft's other certifications. You can become trained as a Microsoft Certified Professional in your free time. You can access our web based service at anytime day or night!

In addition to getting your MCP certification you can also get your MCSE certification. It's all included in the MCSE "PC Pack" training program. If you purchase the MCSE "PC Pack" you will have access to all the courses listed below for one full year!!

This web based training will assess your experience and get you prepared. You will take assessments tests and review exam preparation guides by training with approved Microsoft courseware.

Take a practice test, register for the exam, pass your exam and obtain certification. You'll be thankful that you took this MCP training course!

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