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Credit card processing / merchant account services

Starship Computer Services is proud to be working with Total Merchant Services to provide our clients with affordable and reliable online credit card processing systems (also known as a merchant account).  Total Merchant Services is a leader in the merchant account services business and makes the extremely valuable service of processing credit card transactions a breeze for those companies wishing to accept credit cards online and thereby increasing sales.

Star!Star!Star!Star!Star! - 5 Star Rating from Starship Computer Services "One of the best buys around for an online merchant account!  Couple that with their A+ support and it makes Total Merchant Services one of the best credit card processing solutions we've seen yet!  I highly recommend them!"
Steven Scott, CEO and founder-

Total Merchant Services offers credit card processing solutions for Internet, Retail and Mail Order/Telephone Order businesses at extremely low prices.

Benefits of Choosing Total Merchant Services

  • FREE E-check processing solution with Real-Time Processing
  • No charge until your account is setup
  • Friendly customer service 24/7, every day.
  • No hidden fees - everything is in writing.
  • No on-site pictures of your home or business are required.
  • Auto-approval for some internet merchants*
  • Bad and no credit applicants accepted.
  • No business license or tax returns required.

100% Guaranteed

Total Merchant Services guarantees merchant account setup within one week!

         Auto-approval available to new merchants looking to process under $10,000/month and the average sales ticket cost is $300 or less.

United States-Based Businesses ONLY!

Super Low Rates & Fees

  • Internet/Mail Order/Telephone Order Businesses

$199 Real-Time Processing (one-time fee)
2.29% Discount Rate
$0.30 Per Transaction Fee
$10 Per Month Statement Fee



  • Retail Storefront Businesses

$399 and up, Swipe Terminal
1.65% Discount Rate
$0.30 Per Transaction Fee
$10 Per Month Statement Fee



FREE Re-program of equipment or software if you move to Total Merchant Services from another merchant service company.

All Processing Solutions Are 100% Tax Deductible!

Martin Franze, Total Merchant Services

Martin Franze has been working with Total Merchant Services since 1999.  Prior to becoming the Director of Business Development, Marty successfully operated a Total Merchant Services partner sales office.  Marty is responsible for developing and servicing all of Total Merchant Services strategic marketing partnerships.  In addition, Marty also works closely with Total Merchant Services' partner sales offices with acquiring new marketing partnerships and new accounts.  A sport enthusiast, Marty can frequently be found snowboard, golfing, biking, or hiking in the nearby White River National Forest.

Client Testimonials

Here are what some of the clients have said about Marty and Total Merchant Services in general: "We were with a merchant who promised us low rates, no hidden charges and that we'd be able to run our transactions through our existing PC Charge software.  When we realized none of these things were true, we tried countless times to contact them and get things fixed.  They never even returned our calls!  That's when we contacted Martin Franze with Total Merchant Services and he got us signed over with him in no time at all.  All the promises our old merchant gave us, Marty delivered.  Any questions or concerns?  Marty calls us back immediately.  There is absolutely no reason for us to switch merchants again.  Total Merchant Services' service and staff are fantastic!"

- Dr. David Jensen, http://www./

Inquire about a Merchant Account!

Contact Martin Franze for your merchant account needs

List of Prohibited Businesses

Total Merchant Services
255 Gold Rivers Road, Third Floor
Basalt, Colorado  81821

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