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Internet access made easy.

Starship Computer Services can provide unlimited Internet access to almost anyone in the country through our ISP / Internet Service Provider.  We can help you find a local access phone number for easy internet access that allows you to get online and "surf the net" whenever you like.  Don't get left behind.  The Internet surrounds us and connects us to the world.  It seems like everyone is getting online these days.  Many of your favorite places have a web page or home page or are in the process of getting one.  Every TV and radio ad now features a world wide web address.  It's even easier to contact and stay in touch with your friends and family via email than by the phone.  Even grocery shopping or planning your next vacation is easy and fun when you do it on-line!   One thing is certain... wherever you look, the message is clear; it's time to get connected.  Don't get left behind!!!

Here's what you'll receive when you sign up:

  • 100 MB of FREE Web space - Build your own custom Web Site.
  • Unlimited email accounts - Use separate address for each user in your family or small business.
  • Huge national network - Local access almost anywhere you go.
  • Convenient Web-based email - Send and receive email from anywhere using any Web browser.
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support - Available via a toll-free phone call or email.
  • BONUS! Powerful filtering tool - Set the appropriate Web content that each user on the account can access
  • Best of all, you receive unlimited access for only $18.95 per month

For more information about the ISP service or to sign up, contact Starship Computer Services by e-mail, or call us at 888-736-7763.  We would be more than happy to answer all your questions!!

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