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SEO Consulting

Have you been searching for someone who could help you achieve your internet marketing and search engine optimization goals?

SEO Training & Consulting If you answered yes to that question then you've come to the right place.

Starship Computer Services has an experienced and proven SEO consulting team to assist businesses who have an existing web designer or search engine marketing staff but who are looking for that extra edge to take them to the top.

We also offer a comprehensive set of Search Engine Optimization Programs, as well hands-on SEO training classes and Workshops.

We can help you and your staff make sense of the search engine optimization and internet marketing world with our carefully designed consulting programs or our premium SEO training workshops.

As an experienced SEO Consultant, Internet Marketer, Web Designer, and Computer Trainer, we can offer any sized company a search engine optimization consulting plan that really works and that can fit any budget.

Starship Computer Services has provided training, consulting, or related computer services to companies including IBM, American Express, Pfizer, General Re, The College Board, and the United Nations.  Our outstanding team of professionals is available for SEO consultations to discuss your online business, analyze your web sites structure and its potential, discover any problems your existing site might be hiding and then explain to you, in easy to understand terms, how you can begin to quickly and easily correct them. If you prefer, we can always provide you with a customized SEO solution and take care of the whole process for you.

Select from the following SEO Consulting Programs:

Each of our search engine optimization and internet marketing consulting programs contain top quality information for any sized budget that will get you on your way to the top of the Search Engines.

SEO Site Basics:
30 Minute SEO Telephone Evaluation

During this quick review of your site, we'll provide you with simple strategies or changes that you can immediately implement on your site to help boost its ability to be "search engine friendly". Our 30-Minute SEO Site Basics phone consultation is scheduled at a pre-arranged time at which one of our consultants can call you and review your site with you on the phone. The time we've arranged to speak will most likely be our first time viewing your site as well. No advance research or analysis on our part is included with the SEO Site Basics consultation. Be sure you're ready take lots of notes or record the conversation.

The 30 Minute SEO Phone Evaluation can usually be scheduled within 2 business days from when payment is received. The fee for 30 minutes on the phone to review your site is $200.

Request your 30-Minute SEO Site Basics Evaluation Now.


seo site evaluationSEO Site Evaluation:
Detailed Search Engine Optimization Phone Consultation

For a more thorough review of your site, consider our SEO Site Evaluation. This is a detailed and in-depth phone consultation with detailed information on:

  • discovering the best keywords and phrases for achieving success;
  • create high quality keyword rich marketing copy;
  • help with designing more desirable Titles and Meta tags that get better click throughs;
  • how to improve your web sites internal and external linking structure;
  • how to improve and better track your Pay-Per-Click campaigns;
  • track your user statistics and your search engine rankings and more.

This is not some evaluation run by some software package you could go out and purchase yourself.  This is a thorough site evaluation and analysis accomplished by carefully studying your keyword phrase selections, your sites design, its current rankings, your link reputation and popularity, your competition, and your target market. A highly trained SEO consultant will perform the analysis on your site before reviewing the findings with you and your staff on the phone. When we talk, you are encouraged to have your website designers, developers, marketers, or any other personnel you feel may benefit from the SEO consultation on the phone. Be sure to be ready take lots of notes or, better yet, record the conversation so you can refer back to it. All of our consultants will always be happy to answer any additional SEO questions you may have. (It would be a big help if you can provide those additional questions in advance.)

In-depth phone calls can usually be scheduled within 10 business days after payment is received. The fee for the site review and the phone consultation is $1200.

Request your SEO Site Evaluation Now.


Comprehensive SEO Site Analysis:
Complete SEO Report and Phone Consultation

Our team of SEO consulting experts will analyze your onsite and offsite optimization strengths and weaknesses. We will then write a detailed report including ideas for improvement and techniques to implement. The report will show you exactly what needs to be done to make your site the very best it can be. Every business has its own target market that it is focused on and we make sure our team endeavors to always keep this in mind when reviewing your site and making our recommendations.

Your Comprehensive SEO Site Analysis report will include the following information unique to your site:

  • Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Web Site Audit
  • Forensic and User Behavior Keyword Research
  • Complete On-Site SEO Review and Analysis
  • Current Search Engine Rankings and those of top competitors.
  • Full Site Usability Analysis
  • Complete Off-Site SEO Analysis including link popularity, saturation, and reputation

Included with this program is two hours of telephone consulting. During your scheduled phone time we can review the report in more detail or go over questions that the report may bring up. Alternatively, you may choose to go forward and implement the changes we've outlined within the report, and then consult with your personal consultant again afterwards to make sure you've done it right. Feel free to split up your call into scheduled half-hour increments if you prefer.

You will be able to use our report to optimize your web site in-house, or you may choose to have our team perform the necessary search engine optimization services for you. If you choose to have us do the work, we will deduct the fee of the Comprehensive SEO Site Analysis from your final invoice.

Your site analysis will contain the following detailed information:

  • problem/trouble spots that might impede top organic rankings;
  • what should be done to the current design to help achieve top rankings;
  • analysis of your sites copy with suggested changes;
  • extensive usability/user interface evaluation testing and results;
  • ideas on which pages might benefit from new copy and optimization;
  • keyword research through the WordTracker database of keywords people use to search;
  • site architecture and navigational feedback;
  • how to improve your Title tags;
  • how to improve your Meta description tags;
  • how to improve your Meta keywords tags.
  • browser compatibility check;
  • how the site is currently ranking for relevant keywords.

The reports will also contain any other relevant information and suggestions about your Web site, which might help it to gain more targeted search engine traffic. We will also be happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding the search engines and/or your site.

Due to the extensive research, analysis and writing that goes into creating your custom report, it generally takes 4 - 6 weeks from when we receive payment in full, to when you will receive the finished report. Expedited reports with a two-week lead time may be available on a limited basis for an additional fee, depending on our schedule at the time. The fee for the Comprehensive SEO Site Analysis with Report & Phone Consultation starts at $3,500.

Request your Comprehensive SEO Site Analysis Now.


SEO Consulting Retainer Program

If you think your needs will require more than a single hour to discuss with your SEO issues, our consultants are now available on an hourly or monthly retainer basis. If you have ongoing SEO issues or are interested in phone-based SEO training, this option may be a better value overall than the one-hour phone consultations described above .

Monthly SEO Retainer Plan - Ongoing Phone Consultations (3-month minimum contract.)

For a $2500 retainer fee (paid in advance), you will receive email and phone consulting at your convenience.

This option is perfect for:

  • New SEO companies who are just starting out trying to get clients,
  • Advertising or Web Design companies responsible for multiple client sites and who require quality SEO advice for each.
  • Corporations who don't have an in-house SEO person on staff

Having a trained SEO consultant on retainer is like having a your own in-house SEO consultant to review your progress and evaluate your site any time you need. We will offer verbal or written suggestions on how you can improve your SEO programs, your internet Marketing proposals, your monitoring and tracking reports to clients, or how your own sites can be improved for the search engines and your site visitors.

Have a quick SEO question? With us on retainer you can call or email at any time during business hours and receive an immediate answer. If your representative is not immediately available when you call, he or she will generally call you back within 24 hours (if not sooner).

Request your SEO Consulting Retainer Service Now.


Private In-House SEO Consulting and/or Training

We are also available to come to your office and consult with your IT and/or Marketing team in order to answer their search engine optimization questions and get them up to speed. We can customized our SEO training workshop to target it for your company and your competition, based on your SEO needs.

  • In-house SEO Consulting in Florida starts at $1500 per day, plus expenses.
  • In house SEO Training starts at $3,000 per week plus expenses for instructor.
    Additional student fees apply based on the number of expected students.
    • 1 - 3 Students - Regular Tuition Fee each
    • 4 - 6 Students - 10% off Regular Tuition Fees
    • 7 - 9 Students - 15% off Regular Tuition Fees
    • 10+ Students - Call 877-736-7763 to discuss

Request Private In-House SEO Consulting and/or Training Now.


Use our request form for more information on prices and services. We value your privacy and will not use your e-mail address for anything other than to send you the information you request.

If you have additional questions about our services or capabilities, please call us directly Toll Free at 877-736-7361.  We look forward to hearing from you.