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Online Computer Training

One of the most exciting products we currently offer is online computer training.  Let our online computer learning center be your source for online computer training.  There are web based training courses designed to teach computers to EVERYONE, from individuals to corporations and at unbelievably low prices!  With hundreds of computer courses and training packs to choose from, you are sure to become a computer whiz in no time!

In fact, for less than price you might pay for a training book on a single topic, you can purchase the entire "PC Pack" training program.  This gives you UNLIMITED access to OVER 100 ONLINE COURSES (including Computer Basics, the Internet, Windows 95/98, Office 97, Quicken 98, Project 98, FrontPage 98, Outlook 98, Money 98, Paint Shop PRO and Personal Development) for an ENTIRE YEAR.  Anytime day or night!!!  

Here's a FREE TRAINING offer just for logging in to our computer training site.  You'll be able to sample one of our courses and see what you think before you have to purchase or commit to anything.  These are complete courses with no restrictions.  Go on... give them a try. We're sure you'll find them to be an incredible value!

So... what are you waiting for?  Sign up NOW for one of our online computer training programs by clicking on links below.  You'll be very happy you did.

Available training courses include:
A+ Pack- 13 Courses
PC Desktop Pack - 70+ Courses
PC Home Pack - 55+ Courses
PC Professional Skills Pack - 30+ Courses
Technical Training General Pack - 125+ Courses
Technical MCSE Training Pack - 75+ Courses
PC Business Pack - 80+ Courses
Technical Web Development Pack - 45+ Courses
PC Combo Pack - 155+ Courses
Technical Training Combo Pack - 245+ Courses
Master Combo Pack - 400+ Courses

In addition to the PC Pack, there are 13 other "Packs" you can purchase.  They include:

  • A+ Pack - 12 Month Subscription
    13 courses to help one prepare for the A+ Professional Certification.
  • MCSE Pack - 12 Month Subscription
    50 Microsoft approved courses for MCP/MCSE professional certifications
  • Technical Pack - 12 Month Subscription
    230+ courses covering Networking, Database Access, Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Development Tools.
  • All-in-One Pack - 12 Month Subscription
    400 courses. This pack includes all courses in the library!!!
  • SAT Preparation - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    13 courses covering SAT preparation including SAT Test Strategies, SAT Practice Tests, Grammar and Math.
  • Financial Planning - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    12 courses covering Investment Fundamentals, Retirement Planning, Money 98 and Quicken 98.
  • Microsoft Office - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    17 courses covering Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. Contains courses approved for study aids for the MOUS Professional Certification.
  • Customer Service - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    13 courses covering Communications, Customer Service, Time Management and Stress Management.
  • Professional Development - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    17 courses covering Negotiations, Business Management, Time Management, Project 98 and Peak Performance Under Pressure.
  • Visual Basic - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    22 courses covering Visual Basic 6, GUI, Visual InterDev 6 and Object-Oriented Analysis & Design.
  • HTML - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    12 courses covering HTML and Dynamic HTML.
  • Power-Builder - 6 Month Mini-Pack
    15 courses covering GUI, PowerBuilder 6 and Object-Oriented Analysis & Design.

Many of the courses have received either the Microsoft Approved Study Guide logo or the Approved Courseware User Certification logo.

All 400 courses feature:

  • Certificates of Completion
  • Instructional steps -- walk through a procedure
  • Exercises -- try it out
  • Notes - See additional information related to the topic in the text
  • Tips - See a different, faster, or easier way of doing something
  • Quick References - See a quick reference guide to the features introduced in a chapter
  • Details - Display more detailed information related to the current topic
  • Hotwords - See related information
  • Navigation Bar - Maneuver easily through the courses
  • Microsoft Approved Courseware Logo - to prepare you for a Microsoft certification
  • Course Topics and Index -- with searching feature and hyper-links
  • Printable Exercises - PDF downloadable files
  • Sample Application Files - PDF downloadable files
  • Course Glossary
  • Skill Assessment - can be used for pre and post-testing -- tracking first try, best try and course grade - if passed, green check mark will appear as 'mastered' - hyperlinks to units within the course to go back and re-take a certain unit again. Use as pre-test to determine which course topics you want to focus on and to go directly into that unit.

Why not visit the online computer learning center and sign up now!

For more information on any of the available courses or training packs, contact Starship Computer Services by e-mail, or call us at 888-736-7763.  We would be more than happy to answer all your questions!!

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